Ways to work with me

Welcome, I’m Katrina!

What drives me is the desire and passion to break free from our self-imposed prison, explore and live to the fullest of ourselves and be devoted to the relationship to ourselves.

1:1 Sacred Roots Coaching Program

This is the most important and deepest work I provide. This sacred container is designed to receive the guidance and mentorship as you explore the deeper parts of yourself and release what no longer serves you. Your beautiful soul came here to live the life you were created for.

Seed of Growth Session

Experience the power of growth and healing through a powerful and transformative breathwork session. This space is perfect for you if you’re feeling called to dip into this Spiritual and Healing space but want to get a taste of the work first. The power we hold within ourselves is so divine and when we use our breath to begin, we can immediately experience a profound shift.

I love the overall feeling of safety and comfort while working with Katrina. She has a presence that allows you to fully trust her and relax going through the work. She helped me master my confidence and I have more self-love than ever. I communicate more effectively and set healthy boundaries. I can stop worrying and let God take the wheel with confidence that he has the best possible plan for me.

Erin Arroyo

Having Katrina as coach has been life changing. A big win has been the way I handle my relationship with my younger sister. I always felt responsible for her. I was feeling responsible for my loved ones and their relationships. Responsible for the success of my team members. Once I let go of feeling responsible for allowing people to be themselves and choose for themselves, my life felt so much lighter. I approve of me. I acknowledge and celebrate my actions. I am good enough!

Zyania Benavides


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