Joshua Tree’s Magic

A new kind of understanding. Of myself, what connection actually feels and looks like. What it means to love the woman that I am. Last week I traveled to Joshua Tree for a Spiritual Nature Immersion with my teacher. It was the most magical and beautiful experience that I’ve ever had. There were parts ofContinue reading “Joshua Tree’s Magic”

When will they hear me?

From a little girl, I remember feeling lost – like people wouldn’t hear me or see me. And then when my dad left as a teenager, a whole big world of chaos erupted. I wasn’t seen, I was abandoned by both my parents in different ways. I wondered often, why does this hurt so muchContinue reading “When will they hear me?”

Hi, I’m so excited that you are here!

Hi friends!! I’m incredibly excited for you to be joining me in this new space! There is so much going on out there in the world, I wanted to bring you to a space where you would feel some relief, fun and lots of love! I will be sharing with you along this journey ofContinue reading “Hi, I’m so excited that you are here!”