Joshua Tree’s Magic

A new kind of understanding. Of myself, what connection actually feels and looks like. What it means to love the woman that I am. Last week I traveled to Joshua Tree for a Spiritual Nature Immersion with my teacher. It was the most magical and beautiful experience that I’ve ever had. There were parts ofContinue reading “Joshua Tree’s Magic”

What are you avoiding?

I know, the answer to that question is probably – “I don’t know”, “nothing”, or “why are you even asking me?” We’re all avoiding something in our lives. It could be a difficult conversation, a decision we are afraid to make, the laundry in the dryer that’s been restarted for the 7th time or it’sContinue reading “What are you avoiding?”

The Magic Within Podcast

166: The Awakening in Joshua Tree The Magic Within

In today's episode I’m giving you an inside look to some of the things I took away from my experience. I share more about the Nature Immersion that I took with my own coach and because of choosing to show up, set my intention, something truly beautiful emerged. Myself. I’m sharing with you what I learned and what it looks like in your own life and the power of our own journey. Are you looking for someone to guide you as you step deeper into your own purpose and spiritual journey? If you’ve been doing all of the things and you're still feeling that tug, knowing that something more is for you and what you’ve been doing isn’t working, it may be time to find the guide who is willing to support you, shine the light and walk with you on your journey. I’m currently taking on 5 new 1:1 clients who are ready to dive deeper into themselves through the use of spiritual practices and tools. If you’re feeling called to do this work – shoot me a message and we will talk about what that looks like. You can email me over at   Also, did you know there are THREE ways you can connect with me outside of the show? #1 – Over on my fave social media platform – Instagram @katrinaalelli    #2 – Want more inspiration dropped to you throughout the week? Grab my weekly Love Notes dropped to you right to your inbox!     #3 – Questions, comments, topic or show suggestions? Email me over at    **Be sure to Subscribe to the show to get updates on new episodes and head on over to ITunes and leave me a 5 star review to help me spread the message* Also, did you know there are THREE ways you can connect with me outside of the show? 
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