Hey I’m Katrina Lelli

Spiritual Love Soul behind the Sacred Roots Program and The Magic Within Podcast

I would love for you to to take a moment and ask yourself: Is my life & business aligned with what I actually want? How clear am I about what I actually want to create in my life?
As a woman in the online coaching space, I’ve been where many of the women I’ve worked with were when they came to me – Frustrated, overwhelmed, wondering why am I doing what I’m doing and trying to keep it all together. So many have said they felt as though they were doing what they are meant to, yet found themselves wondering what will give because the FUN, JOY and LIFE feels like it’s being sucked out of them.

I’ve worked with many women who have felt a block, or felt stuck but could not quite put their finger on what that is. These women had done some inner work, and couldn’t help but wonder, “what else is possible for me? Can I have balance in my life while still kicking butt in my business?”

I believe that you can. It is possible, to create the abundant flow in your business, finances, relationships and life when you are tapped into the most divine source, you’re Highest Self.

You were meant for more